Using DocuSign

DocuSign at UCSB:

DocuSign can be used to send documents electronically for approval, signature and initials. The UCSB instance of DocuSign should only be used to send documents related to the work of the University.  All UCSB users, when they sign in to DocuSign, using their, are designated as UCSB DS Senders. Additional permissions are granted depending on the type of work that the UCSB staff or faculty member wishes to perform within DocuSign. 

Any document sent to someone at UCSB, should be sent to that person's email address, to look up this information, access the Identity People Finder and search for the firstname lastname of the user. Look for the UCSBnetID and add after the ID. Documents should not be sent to a party's departmental email address as this will create a profile for that user, not tied to our UCSB account. 

DocuSign Toolkit:

Steps to sign-in

UCSB users should sign in to DocuSign to update account information, send documents, build templates, and view all completed documents. Completed documents will include documents you have signed, sent and created. Those with Signer (See Accounts and Roles) access can only view documents that they have signed.

  1. Go to UCSB DocuSign Log-in.
  2. You will be directed to our UCSB Single Sign-on. Enter your UCSBnetID and UCSBnetID password and click Login.
    UCSB Single Sign-On
    Note: If you are signed into Box or any other SSO connected service, you will automatically be rerouted to your DocuSign main page without reentering your credentials. 
  3. You will be connected to your DocuSign account. All new users will be set as UCSB DS Senders, see below for more details. 
  4. To request permission levels beyond "Sender", please see Getting Started.
  5. After getting started, you may want to Set up your Profile and signature. To set up your Profile in UCSB's DocuSign instance, please visit this user guide: New User Guide

UCSB Sender Access - Electronic and Digital Signatures for One-time forms

As of March 16, 2020, we have set UCSB DocuSign to provision all new users as Senders. To create your sender account, you only need to log-in to DocuSign,see instructions above for logging in, using your email address. This is for those who wish to upload documents that can be quickly sent out for electronic signatures to internal and external users. For internal users, please use the user's

For help on being a Sender:

  1. Review DocuSign Sender Learning Courses (~ 20 minutes):

  2. Review Enterprise Technology Services' Acceptable Use Policy for Terms and Condition of UCSBnetID Assignment and Use.

Build Templates, Forms and/or connect to UCSB electronic system

After you have worked as a Sender, or if you want to convert a more complicated business process, you can request access to become a Template Builder (Author). Templates are documents or forms that are part of a frequently used workflow and collect more than just signature data. Becoming a Template Builder is a more involved process that will require additional training and completing a more detailed LSIT DocuSign Template Submission Form to help the LSIT DocuSign Center of Innovation understand your business process. 

Note: UCSB is using the "New DocuSign Experience." DocuSign continues to update the user interface as they finalize the new version. Any changes that will impact UCSB users will be sent to all Senders and Authors.

Account Access and Roles in UCSB DocuSign

All DocuSign users will have access as a UCSB DocuSign Signer after signing in to DocuSign. Visit the "Where and How to Sign-in to DocuSign" to learn how to Sign-in to DocuSign. The names and permissions for each role are detailed below: 

UCSB DocuSign Signer – All UCSB users with a valid UCSBnetID will have the signer role. 

UCSB DocuSign Sender – The sender role is reserved for university employees who will need to send one-time digital documents for their signature or the signatures of others (internal or external). Employees are auto-provisioned to this access level.  

UCSB DocuSign Author – The author role allows the users to create templates (reuseable documents) and PowerForms for senders.


to DocuSign




View your own completed documents




View completed documents for division




Create new templates (documents)




Send documents





Request Additional Permissions in DocuSign

UCSB Template Builder (Author)

Template Builders will need additional access to create recurring forms that collect more than signature data and/or require developer time. Templates are generally created by the process owner. 

To become a UCSB DS Author, please watch the following webinars. After you have completed the webinars, please email with your name, UCSBnetID and Department name. Please also indicate that you have completed the trainings below. We will then promote you to Author in the UCSB Production DocuSign Environment. 

To access the courses: 
  1. Click on the link for the lesson.
  2. Click "Register" and select the appropriate button to login for eSignature.
  3. Enter your and click Continue.
  4. This will route you to the UCSB SSO
  5. Log-in with your UCSBnetID credentials (username and password).
  6. Click to Enroll in the course.
  7. Complete the Learning Plan courses as described.
All of these courses will remain in your DocuSign University account and you can return to them from your DocuSign University Dashboard.

Process Improvement on Business Processes

For assistance performing a process improvement of your business process, please fill out the Process Innovation Team Project Request to provide information about the business process you would like to improve. After your submission is reviewed, a member of the Process Innovation Team will contact you to provide additional assistance or training in developing your template.