Frequently Asked Questions

Signing Documents

Do Signers need to request access to DocuSign?

No, all UCSB users will have signer permissions (See Accounts and Roles) and will have an account, but are not required to sign-in to sign a document. External users do not need a DocuSign account to sign a document sent from UCSB. 

UCSB signers who do sign-in can view all of their completed documents in their account. 

How will someone without a UCSBnetID sign a document?

If you send a document to someone without a UCSBnetID, you can use their personal or work email address and, if necessary, another authentication method such as an access number, sms text code, and phone call verification.


More information on authentication can be found on the DocuSign signing authentication options page



General FAQ

Where and how do I sign in to DocuSign?

Email account associated with DocuSign account:

All UCSB staff, faculty and students will use their email address to log-in and for all UCSB staff, faculty and student recipients. To find out a users's UCSBnetID, search for their name in the People Finder (employees) or the Student Directory (log-in requred). 

Steps to sign-in, using our Unique DocuSign URL:

UCSB users should sign in to DocuSign to update account information, send documents, build templates, and view all completed documents. Completed documents will include documents you have signed, sent and created. Those with Signer (See Accounts and Roles) access can only view documents that they have signed.

  1. Go to UCSB DocuSign Log-in.
  2. You will be directed to our UCSB Single Sign-on. Enter your UCSBnetID and UCSBnetID password and click Login.
    UCSB Single Sign-On
    Note: If you are signed into Box or any other SSO connected service, you will automatically be rerouted to your DocuSign main page without reentering your credentials. 
  3. You will be connected to your DocuSign account. To request permission levels beyond "Signer", please see Getting Started.

Steps to sign-in using or on your mobile device.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your and click Continue. If you do not know your UCSBnetID, you can find that information in UCSB Identity's People Finder.
    DocuSign log-in screen
  3. You should be redirected to UCSB's Single Sign-On log-in screen. Enter your UCSBnetID and UCSBnetId password and click Login.
    UCSB Single Sign-On
    Note: If you are signed into Box or any other SSO connected service, you will automatically be rerouted to your DocuSign main page without reentering your credentials. 
  4. When you have finished using DocuSign, sign out AND close (Quit for Macs) your browser session to fully sign out of Single Sign-on. 
How do I use DocuSign for my current work processes?

To begin using DocuSign, you can start by requesting Sender Access, which will allos you to send one-time use documents to recipients on or off campus. Sender access is reserved for documents that require simple information and do not interact with other UCSB campus systems.

If you want to convert a process that requires a complicated workflow, such as those that are sent to multiple UCSB departments or require developer time, you will need to request Author Access and undergo a business process overview.  

Where can I store my completed documents?

UCSB DocuSign account is set to  "Always retain documents from completed envelopes," this means that our account will not delete or purge envelopes/documents from a UCSB DS Senders, UCSB DS Authors, or UCSB DS Signers account. You can use the DocuSign web app ( to retain a copy of your completed documents. 

Share completed envelopes with other users:

Envelopes, i.e. sent documents, can be shared with other users. To share your envelopes with other users, please email with your request and the names of the users you want to allow access to your envelopes. All users must also be UCSB DS Senders. This will allow users to see your Inbox, including sent and completed envelopes. For more information on sharing documents, visit Shared Envelopes - New DocuSign Experience

Sharing completed envelopes using Box or Google Drive: 

At this time, we have not connected Box or Google Drive to our DocuSign instance, but users are able to download their completed documents and store in their department's approved fileshare service. See Download or print your completed document.

To learn more about using Box as a departmental fileshare, please visit the Non-person Box Account Pilot Program


What mobile devices can be used?

DocuSign can be used from an iPad, iPhone, Android, or Windows 8 device if you have the DocuSign app installed. Please see Mobile Downloads for DocuSign

How do I change my email notification settings?

DocuSign documents are sent using your email address. All UCSB users will use their email account to sign-in and send (route) documents to staff, faculty and students. 

If you would like to change the notiications you receive from DocuSign, please visit this help document for the New DocuSign Experience: Manage Email Notifications

Here are the notification settings that you are able to change in your preferences: 

Sending Notifications
Notify me when I am the sender and:

  • An envelope is complete
  • A signer assigns an envelope to someone else
  • A signer declines to sign
  • A signer withdraws consent to do business online
  • The first time each recipient views an envelope
  • Envelope delivery to a recipient fails
  • A signer's offline signature fails to synchronize
  • Documents will be purged from the system

Recipient Notifications
Notify me when I am a recipient and:

  • I have an envelope to sign
  • An envelope is completed
  • I am a copy-only recipient
  • I am an acknowledge recipient
  • Another signer declines to sign
  • The sender voids an envelope
  • The sender corrects an envelope
  • A signer assigns an envelope to me
  • Documents will be purged from the system
  • My fax is received
  • Another signer made changes that require my approval
  • I can edit an envelope, or specify or update recipient information
  • An envelope I signed offline fails to synchronize
  • An envelope is sent to a signing group to which I belong